Post-Hurricane Matthew Reliefs Efforts for Haitian Victims

 Post-Hurricane Matthew Reliefs Efforts for Haitian Victims

 Many of you in the United States and elsewhere in the world may have heard in the news about the countless disasters Hurricane Matthew has caused in Haiti resulting in the death of 900 people (the recent count. Haitian authorities are still recovering human bodies in the streets and in the rivers) and millions of dollars of damage to reconstruct the affected areas.

As a result, Hope for Today Outreach, whose basic objective is to provide both spiritual and material resources to the poor, the orphaned, the widow, and underprivileged families in Haiti–especially in the Northern Region–is soliciting Post-Hurricane Reliefs Efforts to provide temporary aids to the victims in the areas of Port Salut, Jeremie, Les Cayes, and the neighboring areas and cities.

If you want to make a donation to those affected by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, you can make a donation directly through our secure online system:


or you may send your donations directly to the address listed below:
Hope for Today Outreach (HTO)

P.O. Box 7353

Port Saint Lucie, FL 34985

Or you contact us below:

 By Phone


 • By Email



*You can make a monetary donation through our secure online system (PayPal) by clicking on the link below:



Among the other items we’re taking to the Hurricane Matthew Victims in Southern Haiti (i.e. Les Cayes: Chardonniere), we just purchased 300 “185Lumens Waterproof Portable Outdoor Camping Lantern solar Lamp Rechargeable Emergency Tent Light with USB Hook” for $ 1374.00 at Our goal is to purchase 1000 of them to distribute to 1000 Haitian families.


If you want to make a donation toward this goal, please click on the link below for further instructions:

* We’re sorry that we will not take to Haiti any items that are already available in Haiti or American goods that will weaken Haiti’s agriculture, economy, and market.

May God continue sustaining and providing for the families of those who have perished in this deadly Tropical Storm!

May he comfort them with his grace, love, and compassion!


Rev. Dr. Celucien L. Joseph

President of Hope for Today Outreach  (HTO)


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