Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts: Some Updates

We would like to give you an update about our relief efforts for the Hurricane Matthew victims in Southern Haiti. First, we would like to thank everyone for who have made a financial contribution and donated items to be taken to Haiti. We are more grateful for you because of your obedience to God, and that you are allowing him to use you to change people’s lives for his glory and to make his Son, Jesus Christ, more exalted and more glorious among all peoples and nations of the earth, especially in Haiti.

Second, we would like to inform you that we have shipped to Haiti all the items we have collected including 500 rechargeable solar lanterns to bring light to the people in Les Cayes. Although our goal was to buy 1000 lanterns so we could provide one per household in Haiti, we have not reached that goal; however, God through you has met other needs.

Finally, A group of us (including me) from Hope for Today Outreach will be in Haiti to distribute the items and spend some time with the affected families in Les Cayes. Below, we share some pictures with you while we were packaging the donated items and the lanterns.


Please keep up in prayer for this mission trip that is scheduled for the third week of December, 2016.

To the praise of the Triune and glorious God!

Dr Joseph & Hope for Today Outreach Mission Team


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