“10 Positive Attitudes and Characteristics Haitians in the Diaspora Need to Cultivate to Contribute to Positive Change and Human Flourishing in Haiti

“10 Positive Attitudes and Characteristics Haitians in the Diaspora Need to Cultivate
to Contribute to Positive Change and Human Flourishing in Haiti” by Dr. Celucien Joseph

1. Commit yourself to a cause in Haiti—such as in the area of education, healthcare, community development, children’s rights, sanitary water projects, business, etc.—and maintain consistency in carrying out this cause;
2. Because commitment is associated with service, responsibility, and sacrifice, you need to keep your promise to the cause in # 1, that is, you would need to invest your time and resources (i.e. knowledge, money, goods) to realize that dream or objective;
3. Find a location, a place, or a zone in Haiti to contribute to that change; it could be a neighborhood in a rural area in Haiti or a metropolitan area (i.e. Port-au-Prince, Les Cayes, Cap-Haitien, Port-de-Paix, Jacmel, Jeremie, Govaives, La Gonave, Saint-Louis Du Nord, etc) in the country;
4. Do not focus on the negativities about Haiti or stereotypes about the Haitian people; rather, focus on that vision of yours and make it happen;
5. Be genuine to the people you are serving and empowering and be truthful about your service and dedication to that cause;
6. Love the Haitian people you are aiding and do not dehumanize or humiliate them; not only you are committing yourself to a cause, you are dedicating yourself to helping the Haitian people grow, flourish, and be independent;
7. Remember that people are not objects or things, but subjects of your affection and zeal;
8. Do not wait on strangers or another country to make a difference in Haiti and transform Haiti’s civil and political societies; be that difference and that change you envision for your country and the hope you want to be for the Haitian people;
9. Get rid of the victim mentality and stop blaming individuals, institutions, entities, or other countries for Haiti’s woes and the plight of the Haitian people; rather, take up your cross by assuming your own responsibility so you can contribute to meaningful and transformative changes in the Haitian society;
10. Remember that committing yourself to a cause in Haiti is not an individual project; rather, it is a teamwork and collaborative endeavor. Find yourself some good people to work with and some credible organizations to partner with to bring that cause or dream of yours to fruition.






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