Dr. Joseph’s New Book:”God our Maker and Caregiver: Creation, Fall, and Precepts: Book I”

“God our Maker and Caregiver: Creation, Fall, and Precepts: Book I” (January 2, 2020) by Celucien L. Joseph

–A new book (First book on a projected three volumes) for small group bible study and Sunday School setting, personal enrichment and devotion: available for purchase on amazon;
–145 pages + multiple conceptual charts;
–Focus on theological pedagogy, spiritual formation, biblical discipleship, and Christian education;
— divided into 21 lessons & 4 equal parts, recommended readings;
–practical group/study questions at the end of each lessons;
–each lesson includes a scriptural reading passage, a memory verse, key words and concepts, conceptual charts, & exegetical commentary and reflections;
–topics include the person and moral qualities of God, God, the natural world, and the created order, God, the poor, and the vulnerable, human beings and the ordinances of God, marriage, honoring parents, godly parenting, the conundrum of sin, Jesus and the law, Jesus and peacemaking and reconciliation.

God our Maker

Book Description
God our Maker and Caregiver: Creation, Fall, and His Precepts is the first book of a three-anticipated volume. This present work focuses on the person and qualities of the triune God, as well as on the creative activities and precepts of Yahweh. The book is designed to be used in small groups and Sunday school settings. Nonetheless, it can also be used as a tool for personal bible study and spiritual enrichment. It is divided into four parts and twenty-one lessons. Part 1 (Lessons 1-5) is comprised of five lessons that focus on the identity, nature, and virtues of the triune God. Part 2 (Lessons 6-11) consists of six lessons on the works and contributions of God in the cosmos, including his creative projects and interventions to give and sustain life as a gift to his human and non-human creations. Part 3 (Lesson 12-21) includes ten lessons on the law and precepts of God for the people of God. Finally, in Part 4, a list of recommended readings, pertaining to the topics addressed in each division of the book, is provided to enhance the reader’s intellectual curiosity and enrich his or her biblical knowledge and theological understanding. There are four main reasons I wrote this book: God our Maker and Caregiver:1)I am very worried about the scandal of biblical illiteracy in Christian churches, among Christians, and in this culture. 2)I am very concerned about the future of personal evangelism (i.e. Christian public witness, civic engagement) and hence the prospect of the Christian faith in this culture because of inadequate theological pedagogy, ineffective biblical discipleship, and unhealthy Christian instruction in Christian churches and among Christians. 3)Equally, I am troubled about the prevalence of unorthodoxy in Christian churches and circles because of the crisis of biblical illiteracy and the abandonment of sound biblical theology. 4)Because of the pervasiveness of biblical illiteracy and prosperity Gospel in Christian churches and circles in America, a large number of Christians who have professed Christ as Lord and Savior (a) have shifted their values and commitment to King Jesus; (b) do not know how to live adequately and satisfactorily in relation to the holiness and presence of God; (c) are unable to discern the precariousness of the time and what God desires and demands from them and from the world; and (d) they have lost the passion to live courageously a contagious Christian life and the ability to think Christianly and theologically in a manner that glorifies God and honors Christ. The book has a threefold objective: (1) to bridge the gap between biblical illiteracy, biblical discipleship, and theological pedagogy; 2) to contribute to both personal and collective spiritual growth and successful biblical discipleship in small groups and Sunday school classes; and 3) to enrich interpersonal relationships and dynamics in churches and among Christians and non-Christians.
To purchase the book, click on the link below:

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