“The Presence of Truth: On the Logic and Nature of Pure Reason and Reasonable Faith”

“The Presence of Truth: On the Logic and Nature of Pure Reason and Reasonable Faith”

I still believe one can be a good person of faith, in my case, a Christian, and a good and critical scholar. While pure reason makes room for intellectual curiosity, a reasonable faith should welcome the rigorous process of intellectual adventure and experimentation.

Faith can seek understanding in the academic world (the life of the mind) and the academic world can benefit greatly from the life of faith. One does not have to compromise his or faith in the academia in order to gain status or reputation. Comparatively, one should not kill reason to redeem faith or rehabilitate religious piety.

The life of the mind can be nourished from multiple and not only from one source of truth and understanding. It is against pure reason to continue to sustain the notion that the academia is the only venue that fosters a rigorous human intellect and leads to a revolution of the mind.
The life of the mind should not be devoid of passion and the intersectionality of knowledge.

Similarly, the life of faith, grounded on an ethics of liberation and human flourishing in all aspects of life, possesses inherent attributes to revolutionize human relations and make us more human and compassionate toward one another. A reasonable faith can be construed as a habit of the mind that forges a strong rapport between two realms: faith and reason. Both must depend on each other to make us more reasonable, logical, relational, interpersonal, theocentric, and more compassionate. The life of faith should not be devoid of reason and the interdisciplinary nature of human piety.

A faith that is strong is a faith that aims to find truth in all places of wisdom even when the discovered truth challenges one’s beliefs and brings a level of discomfortability to the life of faith. Reason is not the sole sphere of knowledge nor is it the only source of wisdom. One should seek knowledge and understanding in all credible repositories even if it that journey may lead to a radical reorientation of one’s intellect and a revolutionary reinvention of the self.

Truth should be the catalyst to bind the life of the mind and the life of faith.

Peace and Blessings,

Dr. Celucien L. Joseph


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