Index to (Re-)reading Saint Augustine’s “Confessions”: A 30-day Meditation!

Index to (Re-)reading Saint Augustine’s “Confessions”: A 30-day Meditation!

I created an index for the 30 days of our (re-)reading of Saint Augustine’s Confessions and meditating upon his life, and his ideas and understandings of God. At the link, you will have access to the individual title  and theme associating with each reading and reflection for all the past 30 days. Beginning in September, we will read again (for me it is a rereading; perhaps, for some of you, it will be a new reading.  I will post a daily reflection or meditation on this text) through Saint Augustine’s masterpiece, The City of God. I hope you have enjoyed the spiritual and intellectual journey through The Confessions.

St Augustine2

Day 1: Nothing in God Dies!

Day 2: God, the Most Beautiful One and the Most Present One

Day 3: You Made us for Thyself: We Rest in Thee

Day 4: God, the Infinite Life and the Infinite Being, is One and the Same!

Day 5:  Honoring and Glorifying God through Reading and Writing, and Thinking and Scholarship

Day 6: Human Beings Cannot Hide Away from God, the Most Glorious One

Day 7: The Holy Scriptures are Better than the Prose of Cicero!

Day 8: God, the Immutable One, is the Life of souls, and the Life of lives

Day 9: Man’s Mind is Not Supreme!

Day 10: God, the Everlasting Good, and our True Strength

Day 11: In Quest for a Clearer Vision of You and and the Truth

Day 12: The Joy from Faith and Shallow Happiness

Day 13: No one is Better than God, the Incorruptible One

Day 14: Christ, the Perfect Man, and the Wisdom of God

Day 15: His Conversion

Day 16: Writing about God as Vocation

Day 17: In praise of the godly Mother

Day 18: On Jesus Christ as the Immortal and Eternal Word and Truth of God

Day 19: What was God doing before he made the heavens and the earth?

Day 20: God and Time, and the Natural World

Day 21: The Past and the Future Do Not Exist!

Day 22: God, the Most Majestic and the Most Beautiful One!

Day 23: Toward the Quest for True Happiness and Joy, and Truth

Day 24: The God Who Makes both Men and Women Feel Special!

Day 25: The Literary and Analogical Trinity of God

Day 26: The God who Commands: He is the Common Good of all

Day 27: Creation and the Creator

Day 28: God and the Power of Human Memory

Day 29: Representational Hermeneutics: The Spiritual Truths Revealed in the Created Order

Day 30: God, Grant us Rest and Peace!


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