Update about Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts

Update about Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts:

We just received word this morning that the Cargo Ship, Monarch Queen, which is stationed in West Palm Beach, Fl, has not left America for Haiti because of a mechanical malfunction. As a result, we’re now informed that the projected departure is the second week of January, 2017.  We’re going to make another mission trip to Haiti upon the ship’s arrival there so I can receive the Hurricane Matthew supplies and reliefs and distribute them to the people in Les Cayes.

Let’s hope and pray everything goes smoothly and speedily.

* We will keep you guys informed about the process.

Dr. Joseph


Happy New Year 2017 from Hope for Today Outreach Team!

Happy New Year 2017 from Hope for Today Outreach Team!

Lord, you have been our dwelling place in all generations….from everlasting to everlasting you are God. Psalm 90:1-2


In Christ,

Hope for Today Outreach Ministry Team

Hurricane Matthew Relief Efforts: Some Updates

We would like to give you an update about our relief efforts for the Hurricane Matthew victims in Southern Haiti. First, we would like to thank everyone for who have made a financial contribution and donated items to be taken to Haiti. We are more grateful for you because of your obedience to God, and that you are allowing him to use you to change people’s lives for his glory and to make his Son, Jesus Christ, more exalted and more glorious among all peoples and nations of the earth, especially in Haiti.

Second, we would like to inform you that we have shipped to Haiti all the items we have collected including 500 rechargeable solar lanterns to bring light to the people in Les Cayes. Although our goal was to buy 1000 lanterns so we could provide one per household in Haiti, we have not reached that goal; however, God through you has met other needs.

Finally, A group of us (including me) from Hope for Today Outreach will be in Haiti to distribute the items and spend some time with the affected families in Les Cayes. Below, we share some pictures with you while we were packaging the donated items and the lanterns.


Please keep up in prayer for this mission trip that is scheduled for the third week of December, 2016.

To the praise of the Triune and glorious God!

Dr Joseph & Hope for Today Outreach Mission Team

Rechargeable Solar Lanterns Needed for Hurricane Victims in Haiti

Rechargeable Solar Lanterns Needed for Hurricane Victims in Haiti
Good morning, HTO Supporters and Friends.
We just  want to give  you an update about our relief efforts for the Hurricane victims in Haiti. So far, we have purchased 300 Rechargeable Solar Lanterns for the Hurricane Matthew Victims in Haiti.
We still need to get 700 more. We will distribute 1000 Lanterns to 1000 households in Les Cayes, Haiti.
If you can help out, please click on the link below to make a donation.
Thank you,
Dr. Celucien L. Joseph
President of Hope for Today Outreach

Post-Hurricane Matthew Reliefs Efforts for Haitian Victims

 Post-Hurricane Matthew Reliefs Efforts for Haitian Victims

 Many of you in the United States and elsewhere in the world may have heard in the news about the countless disasters Hurricane Matthew has caused in Haiti resulting in the death of 900 people (the recent count. Haitian authorities are still recovering human bodies in the streets and in the rivers) and millions of dollars of damage to reconstruct the affected areas.

As a result, Hope for Today Outreach, whose basic objective is to provide both spiritual and material resources to the poor, the orphaned, the widow, and underprivileged families in Haiti–especially in the Northern Region–is soliciting Post-Hurricane Reliefs Efforts to provide temporary aids to the victims in the areas of Port Salut, Jeremie, Les Cayes, and the neighboring areas and cities.

If you want to make a donation to those affected by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti, you can make a donation directly through our secure online system:


or you may send your donations directly to the address listed below:
Hope for Today Outreach (HTO)

P.O. Box 7353

Port Saint Lucie, FL 34985

Or you contact us below:

 By Phone


 • By Email





*You can make a monetary donation through our secure online system (PayPal) by clicking on the link below:



Among the other items we’re taking to the Hurricane Matthew Victims in Southern Haiti (i.e. Les Cayes: Chardonniere), we just purchased 300 “185Lumens Waterproof Portable Outdoor Camping Lantern solar Lamp Rechargeable Emergency Tent Light with USB Hook” for $ 1374.00 at Dhgate.com. Our goal is to purchase 1000 of them to distribute to 1000 Haitian families.


If you want to make a donation toward this goal, please click on the link below for further instructions:


* We’re sorry that we will not take to Haiti any items that are already available in Haiti or American goods that will weaken Haiti’s agriculture, economy, and market.

May God continue sustaining and providing for the families of those who have perished in this deadly Tropical Storm!

May he comfort them with his grace, love, and compassion!


Rev. Dr. Celucien L. Joseph

President of Hope for Today Outreach  (HTO)

Presidential Election and Friendship: Some Words of Advice!

Presidential Election and Friendship: Some Words of Advice!
As we continue to experience this very sensitive topic we call “Presidential election” and the battle for the White House between Mr. Donald Trump and Mrs. Hillary Clinton, allow me to quickly share a few words of advice with you on the subject matter: Presidential election  and friendship.
  1.  It is okay (Should I say tolerable) for you and your friend to hold competing perspectives about politics.  All of us hold different ideologies and ideas about  social, economic, and political issues–even cultural and religious ones. We are firm about our beliefs and will not let them go. Some of them are helpful and human uplifting; others are unhealthy and unconstructive.
  2. Do not unfriend your friend on Facebook or stop following him/her–on whatever social media:twitter, wordpress, blogger, instagram, what have you?-because you just found out on a  post that he/she will vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in this year’s presidential election. Mrs. Hillary Clinton or Mr. Donald Trump will be elected as our next President for only 4 yrs, if lucky, 8 yrs in reelection. Good and genuine friendship endures and lasts a little bit longer than the temporary presidential post.
  3. Watch your tongue! Keep your heart pure! Have I said to control your temper too?
  4. Do not demonize your friend or shame him or her on a public post! Be respectful and kind to all, especially your friends. After all, he/she is your friend. Donald or Hillary is not and probably will never befriend you.
  5. You have been trying to persuade your friend to vote for Hillary or Donald for a while now. It is not working. Give it up! Let the person choose and vote according to his or her conscience to the glory of God.
  6. Do not let your friendship with someone you love and care for fall apart because of  political difference or over this year’s presidential choice. It takes a lot of time to nurture and cultivate genuine friendship.
  7. It is okay to be a Christian and  be a democrat. Remember your faith is in no one or nothing else but in Jesus Christ.
  8. It is okay to be a Christian and be a republican. Remember your faith is in no one or nothing else but in Jesus Christ.
  9. It is okay to be a Christian and be an independent voter. Remember your faith is in no one or nothing else but in Jesus Christ.
  10. If your conscience is not clear about a particular presidential candidate, it is not unbiblical if you decide not to vote  in this year’s presidential election. There’s no biblical mandate that you have to vote in order to fulfill your civic duty as a christian of the Kingdom of God and citizen of the United States. God will not send you to hell nor will he disown you as his child.  In the same line of thought, always remember God is not a republican or a democrat.
 *For propositions 5-10, I take for granted most of my readers are followers of Christ.

To the glorious praise of the Triune and Eternal God!

Rev. Dr. Celucien L. Joseph
Hope for Today Outreach

The Pastor and His Pen: Writing as Ministry

The Pastor and His Pen: Writing as Ministry

After reading this short post, ” 5 Reasons Why Pastors Should Consider Writing a Book,” I decided to share my perspective on the relationship between pastoring, ministry, and writing. It is succinct and clear.

Writing is self-invention. If the pastor or minister is not willing to allow himself/herself to be vulnerable and retrospective, the writing project will not be a successful endeavor. Writing that serves people or ministers to the community of faith and individuals and families in need is effective, transformative, and self-sustaining.

Good writing takes a lot of discipline and great courage; it is also time-consuming and requires a lot of patience. Hence, writing is not for every pastor; not many pastors will make the sacrifice to sit down and write…. because the writing process invites critical thinking and self-criticism.

The pastor-writer ought to write with grace, clarity, and responsibly in the same manner he is devoted to the ministry of teaching and preaching in the church and diligent in studying and preparing to deliver his Sunday sermon. Writing as ministry is nothing but effective and constructive writing that is intentional and executed with care and in love to the spiritual and intellectual growth of the community faith and the people of God. Writing that ministers effectively to the people of God is also God-centered, Christ-honoring, and Holy Spirit-filled.

To the glorious praise of the Triune and Eternal God!

Rev. Dr. Celucien L. Joseph
Hope for Today Outreach