Order Dr. Joseph’s New Book, “The New Life Catechism for Children: 100 Questions & Answers to teach us how to live peacefully and relationally in the world”

Friends:  We are pleased to announce the publication of Dr. Joseph’s new book, The New Life Catechism for Children: 100 Questions & Answers to teach us how to live peacefully and relationally in the world.
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“The New Life Catechism is about spiritual formation and development and so designed to teach children about the great theological truths and ethical practices of the Christian faith. It is written with great theological clarity and precision, and rhetorical eloquence. This gospel-focused guide directs our attention to the relationship between the Christian life, society, and doing good works, and also focuses on how Christian kids should live in society and with others relationally and peacefully. It teaches us about the importance of difference and unity, and the beauty of diversity and multiplicity expressed through God’s creation and the various cultures, races, and ethnic groups God made for his glory. This study can be used in Sunday school classes and small groups on spiritual formation for children. The target audience includes two different age groups: 3-7, and 8-11, respectively. Christian Parents and educators will read the catechism to the first age group; children belonging to the second age group can read it by themselves.
Nonetheless, individuals of any age group will find this summarized statement of the Christian faith informative, insightful, empowering, and doctrinally sound. The overall objective of this book is to lead individuals, especially Christian children, to love God more passionately and affectionately, as well as to grow more in grace and in our knowledge and understanding of the Triune God and to achieve gradual maturity in our relationships and interactions with our neighbor. We also hope that The New Life Catechism will help the church to construct this new radical life we are called to live in this world and to combat and thus solve the crisis of biblical illiteracy among Christian children and adults in our culture, especially in Christian circles. The book is also available in French and Creole.
About the author
Celucien L. Joseph (PhD, Literary Studies, University of Texas at Dallas; PhD, Systematic Theology and Ethics, University of Pretoria) is a Christian theologian who is currently serving as the senior pastor of Jesus Center Community Church, located in Fort Pierce, Florida. He is also an associate professor of English at Indian River State College and a prolific writer in areas of Christian theology, ethics, history, literature, and race relations.”
Click on the link below to order your copy today:
***When you purchase a copy of this book, 50% ($ 4.56) will go to fund the new pre-school we are starting in Port-Margot, Haiti, in September 2019. The e-book version ($ 8.99) is now available for purchase on amazon, and the paperback ($ 10.99) will be available in a month. Please spread the news for the great cause of educating children for the future and for a new Haiti.


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